Secrets of Hominea

Secrets of Hominea -- great for homeschooling, distance learning, and the classroom

A magical, educational novel — a series of connected short stories teaching science and history, ideal for homeschooling, distance learning, and the classroom!

Alison Pulido gets more than she bargained for when she cuts middle school. She follows a strange little man into another world. It’s a beautiful land where evolution breeds mythic people and animals. It’s a realm of satyr dukes and gnome rebels, giant priestesses and dwarf spies, noble unicorns and monster rats, along with cataclysmic floods, stone age battles, and imperial intrigues – all shaped by forces of history and science. Alison learns tales of all these wonders from her little man and his scholar companion. But Hominea is no safe place for a young Homo sapiens. Soon, Alison finds herself caught up in the other world’s struggle: in the battle between truth and ignorance.

Secrets of Hominea educates and entertains middle school readers, along with 4th and 5th -graders. Teachers and parents will love the educational resources, including questions for discussion and reading guides — all great for homeschooling, remote learning, and the classroom.

Come follow Alison through the portal and into this magical other world …

Publication Details

ISBN for soft cover: 978-0-9854517-6-9
ISBN for e-book: 978-0-9854517-7-6

Pages: 196

Categories: Middle Grade Fantasy, Adventure, Education

Published by:
Winifred Press
San Francisco, CA, USA

Secrets of Hominea includes questions for discussion and brief explanations of the underlying history and science, in the back material.

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