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THE JERICHO RIVER, An Adventure Through History

by David W. Tollen



ISBN for soft cover: 978-0-9854517-4-5

ISBN for e-book: 978-0-9854517-5-2

3rd Edition

Pages: 332

Categories: Young Adult Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Education

Published by:

Winifred Press

San Francisco, CA, USA

The third edition includes questions for discussion, a sample lesson plan, a timeline, historic maps, and other resources for use in social studies classes. Please visit Resources for Teachers.


The paperback book’s cover was created by Andrei Bat (Romania)

The e-book cover was created by Amalia Chitulescu

The book’s maps were created by the author, David Tollen.




The Jericho River was first published under the pen name David Carthage. The current edition — the third — uses the author’s actual name, as did the second edition. The first edition also included a subtitle: A Magical Novel About the History of Western Civilization. Versions of the second edition included that subtitle too, with the word “Magical” removed.

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