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by David W. Tollen


The information below relates to the second (current) edition of The Jericho River, published in 2014. In 2018, Winifred Press will publish a third edition directed at teachers and students. The story will be the same, but the third edition will include questions for discussion and a sample lesson plan, at the back, for use in class.


ISBN for soft cover: 978-0-9854517-2-1

ISBN for e-book: 978-0-9854517-3-8

Pages: 330

Categories: Young Adult Fantasy, History

Published by:

Winifred Press

Mill Valley, CA, USA


The Jericho River’s interior illustrations were created by Maia Kobabe:

The book’s cover was created by Andrei Bat (Romania)

The book’s maps were created by the author, David Tollen.


BISAC Codes:

FIC009030 FICTION / Fantasy / Historical

FIC009000 FICTION / Fantasy / General

HIS039000 HISTORY / Civilization

JUV037000 JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic



history, myth, mythology, Western Civilization, Sumer, barbarian, Babylon, Babylonia, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Roman Empire, knight, philosopher, sphinx, minotaur, centaur, satyr, fairy, angel, priestess, pagan, timeline, fantasy, magic, maps, historical maps, historical fantasy, historical fiction


The Jericho River was first published under the pen name David Carthage. (The first edition’s soft-cover ISBN was 978-0-9854517-0-7, and its e-book ISBN was 978-0-9854517-1-4.) The current edition — the second — uses the author’s actual name. The first edition also included a subtitle: A Magical Novel About the History of Western Civilization. Prior versions of the second edition included that subtitle too, with the word “Magical” removed. But the current version (2.4) of the second edition has no subtitle.