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A Middle School Lesson Plan for The Jericho River

by / Saturday, 07 July 2018 / Published in Ancient History, For Teachers, Middle Ages Europe, Post-Antiquity, Teaching Stragegy

We’ve posted our first lesson plan for middle school classes — related to The Jericho River! You can see it at our Resources for Teachers page. Just scroll down to “DESIGN A LUMIN LESSON PLAN … Middle School Version” (next to the blue-gold picture of Jason and Zidu).

The plan was written by Lisa Meyers, a retired history teacher. In the lesson, students create their own lumins: the history-based mythical creatures from The Jericho River. The lesson plan enhances and applies historical understanding of a past civilization. It supports Common Core State Standards ELA-Literacy RL 8.9 and ELA-Literacy W.7.9 in reading, writing, and research. And students practice key social studies and language arts skills.

The new plan supplements the three high school lessons we’ve already posted. I hope you find them all useful!

lumin for the lesson plan

An ancient Egyptian lumin from The Jericho River, by Maia Kobabe

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