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David Tollen

David Tollen is a best-selling, award-winning author. He writes about both history and technology law. David is also an attorney, expert witness, professional trainer, blogger, and instructor at U.C. Berkeley Law School. He has succeeded in multiple roles by turning complex ideas into simple, clear, fun readings and lectures.

David trains attorneys, contract-managers, and other professionals on drafting and negotiation of software licenses, cloud computing agreements, and other IT contracts. He provides these programs through Tech Contracts Academy, which he founded. And David teaches similar material to law students at UC Berkeley Law School. David also practices law and provides expert witness services through Sycamore Legal, P.C., which he also founded. He is a sought-after speaker and one of the industry’s leading authorities on IT contracts.

David is also a member of the Board of Advisors for World History Encyclopedia, which publishes the world’s most-read history encyclopedia. He earned a B.A. in history from U.C. Berkeley and has law degrees from Harvard Law School and Cambridge University. David lives in Northern California with his wife and two sons.

Technology Law
Books & Training

David wrote The Tech Contracts Handbook, which has for most of the last decade ranked as the #1 bestseller on Amazon from the American Bar Association (ABA Publishing). David also writes the popular blog at TechContracts.com.


David wrote The Jericho River, a YA novel that uses fantasy to teach world history. It won first place at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the London Book Festival, as well as a bronze medal in the Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews and Awards Contest, among other honors. David is also the author of Secrets of Hominea, a middle-grade novel teaching both history and science–and another award-winner. In addition, David writes the blog, Pints of History. Finally, David is working on a new book, called Webs of Origin: Deep Histories of the Kings, Cavepeople, Dogmas, and DNA Shaping Today’s World.


The Tech Contracts Handbook

is a reference manual and training guide covering agreements about artificial intelligence, cloud computing, software, and other forms of IT. Written in a clear, plain-English style, this bestselling handbook is a complete resource for lawyers, contract managers, procurement officers, and other businesspeople–anyone responsible for getting IT deals done.

The Jericho River

is a trek through a magical world shaped by myth & history. Young Jason Gallo sails the river on a dangerous quest to rescue his estranged father. The river flows like a timeline, carrying the young man through historic lands – Sumer, Babylonia, ancient Greece, Medieval Europe, colonial empires, & many others – in chronological order, tracing the history of Western Civilization, from its Middle Eastern origins to modern times.

Secrets of Hominea

educates and entertains middle school readers, along with 4th and 5th -graders. Alison Pulido gets more than she bargained for when she cuts middle school. She follows a strange little man into another world and finds herself caught up in the other world’s struggle: in the battle between truth and ignorance.


David speaks regularly about software licensing, cloud computing contracts (including SaaS), and other IT topics. Those talks include appearances at conferences and law schools. And of course, David provides professional training.


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