Secrets of Hominea

HomineaHominea’s location remains a mystery, and evidence for its very existence is scant. Yet we have the account of Alison Pulido, the middle school girl who repeatedly visited this other world and returned to tell the tale. Or rather tales plural, for Alison befriended two dwarf scholars in Hominea, and they told her stories of life there, past and present. These tales and Alison’s own adventure reveal an amazing world, like ours yet different in startling ways. Evolution breeds near-human hominids and mythic animals in Hominea, while forces of history and science give life to satyr dukes and giant priestesses, troll explorers and gnome rebels, tree-house towns and cavern cities, noble unicorns and monster rats, as well as cataclysmic floods, stone age battles, and imperial intrigues. But Hominea is no safe place for a young Homo sapiens. Soon, Alison finds herself entangled in the other world’s struggle: in the battle between truth and ignorance.

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